Monday, February 09, 2009

The End

Good evening friends and stampers. When I first started this blog I had a lot of cards that I had made over the years and had no problem finding something to share with you. When I ran out of those cards I had to find time to make something or not post at all. I don't always have time to just sit down and create something and what started out as fun and enjoyable has now become a chore. I've loved reading all your comments and will continue to read your blogs when time allows.
So, if you haven't guessed already, today I will be closing my blog and saying good-bye. I will still stamp and create in my spare time, which isn't as often as I would like but there are a lot of things that I have been neglecting and need to take care of.
I want to thank all who have followed me these past few years of blogging and also those who have so graciously left comments. I love and appreciate all of you.
Thanks and God Bless you all...........Rita