Friday, June 30, 2006


I'm adding two cards today because my computer is going in for it's yearly check up & I don't know how long it will be there.
The floral card is a super easy Sympathy card. I cut out an oval & placed it in the center then stamped the background over that. Stamped the sentiment in the center & added a ribbon.
The green one was also an easy one to make. I put a navy strip of card stock accross the top & added the ribbon through the center. The image was stamped on vanilla card stock & attached to the strip. This card can also be used for a male birthday, just change the sentiment.
Thanks for looking. Have a Blessed weekend, Rita


Bob said...

okaaaayyyyy....time for a long overdue "comment"!... the cards you create are VERY artistic and creative. The girl at the shop i work with is very impressed with the cards and since the "boss" was out of the country again!...we decided the best price for them would be in the $4-$4.50 range, considering the other cards we have there(copies of artist's paintings) were just made on a copier were priced at $3- $3.50. I made a sign "Handmade Cards" to attach to the display so that people would know they weren't mass-produced cards. Jamie said "I'd pay $4 to $4.50 for them!" Hopefully they'll all sell soon and we'll get more from you! ---Bob ps....Celia isn't in this business to make a lot of money since she is an Environmental Engineer at a local factory, has a wine shop down the street that also caters to the large mexican population with imported foods AND has the income from several rental properties to keep her in fingernail polish and gold-colored sandals! She has this shop as a hobby because she likes art and supports artists, she likes one-of-a-kind things (when she orders things from catalogs, it's only one or two things at a time) so this shop is more like a hobby to her. When she refers to Jamie and I (Jamie just graduated from HS!), she calls it "your shop" to us! We move displays, add merchandise and even change prices on things! Celia's profit margin is NOT great! on your cards, I think she takes only 25% and you get the rest, regardless of the price. The people that come into the shop are looking for unique, one-of-a-kind items, not something they'll find at the Walmart or Meijer's on the south side of town. sooo...good luck and I hope they all sell very quickly!

AuntMary said...

oh my goodness Rita,,, those cards are absolutely gorgeous,,I feel so honored to have some of them..I almost hate to use them,,,,lol they are so special to me,,tyvm once again,,keep up the good work,,,