Friday, July 14, 2006

Useing Tags

These 2 cards were made useing the Tag Punch Kit. The first one I layered & the second one I didn't. You can't see from the scan but the flowers on the Birthday card have glitter in the centers. I used my Sizzix die cutting machine (Big Boss) to make the flowers.
Thanks for looking. Have a Blessed weekend.


Aunt Carol said...

Rita, I don't post comments very often because WOW! sounds pretty much the same everytime I say it :) You have some talent and such a creative brain. I'm impressed by the work you do and love the thank you cards you made for me. Carol

Bob said...

Hey Cuz!...I thought I'd look in again and yes...again, I'm impressed with your work! You see, I usually have something to "COPY"..if I like a scene, it's already there, I just copy it with oilpaints. YOU start with an idea (or ideas) and start creating from scratch and come up with great cards. I've painted paintings from my imagination and it's much harder to come up with a complete landscape that looks nice that way. Anyway, I think you have a tremendous talent to come up with so many different looking cards and make them enjoyable to look at. I hope you are keeping images of your cards somewhere, like a catalog. PS-- I hope you don't mind, I added your blogsite as a link on mine.

Bigfoot said...

I don't comment much either, but I look at your blogs almost daily. Good work.

L8ybug2 said...

Thanks for the comments. I get some of my ideas from other cards I see & like, making a few changes here & there to make it my own. Most all the cards I've made are in a binder so I can go back & make another one at another time. Thanks Bobbie for adding the link to your blog.