Monday, August 07, 2006


I bought a template from someone at SCS and they sent it without the instruction sheet. So I put out a call for someone to post it for me and a very kind lady scanned hers and sent it to me in the mail. To thank her I made this card and enclosed a stamp to cover her postage.
I punched 4 slits at the bottom to weave the ribbon through. I think the ribbon really sets it off. Stamps by Stampin' Up.
Thanks for looking. Don't be afraid to leave a comment.


AuntMary said...

Rita,, u have the most imaginative mind,, I, too, like the ribbon,, but then i have liked all ur cards,,tyvm for the card u sent to Bob,, it was so pretty,, he appreciated it very much,,,

Aunt Carol said...

Well, I haven't been afraid to leave comments :) but the word on the street is still "WOW". I do believe I've liked every card you've posted (maybe some more than others but nevertheless, I like them all) So, again I say, "WOW"