Monday, November 26, 2007

60 Sucks!

My Sister in-law and I have this thing going where we try to out-do each other every year on our birthdays. She's a couple of years younger than I, but don't ever tell her I admitted it, so every year I get her an age card for her birthday. She turns 60 next week and I wanted to let her know what it's like to be 60. So instead of getting her one of those "you know you're getting older" cards I made her this one. 60 Sucks! was printed out on the computer and the suckers are from SU's Very Punny. I'm sending this in a box with 60 suckers. I hope she likes it. Thanks for looking............Rita

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Anonymous said...

You sent her 60 suckers?????Oh my goodness,,,lol,,That is so funny!!!! Glad you have a great relationship with her. Love you, Aunt Mary