Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just Say "NO"!

What is wrong with me???? Why do I have to keep looking through the swaps at SCS and then find one I just HAVE to join? Why can't I just say "NO"? Well, I did it again, joined another one. This one is for a Christmas Stocking Stuffer. It's always a lot of fun seeing what others come up with and I just couldn't resist. The little tote bag is just something I did for the fun of it and has nothing to do with the swap, just thought I would add it to the post. Now for the swap. I know you're looking at this and saying, what is this? Well, I'm going to tell you. It's a Belly Button Blow Dryer! If you look towards the bottom of the bag you'll see a piece of straw. Right above that is this poem, A belly button blow dryer ensures lint will not prevail. Just be careful when using...When too close, don't inhale!
The blocks were stamped and embossed in gold. I colored the leaves and berries with glitter pens, punched holes and tied it with the ribbon.
I don't know why, but women just go crazy over things like this. I hope you enjoyed today's entry. thanks for looking and have a great day. ~~Rita~~

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AuntMary said...

hahaha Belly Button Blow Dryer?? I just wet my finger,, and plunge it in,,twist it around.. and pop it out,,,naturally , my belly button pops out too,, been years since i have see it,,,could use the dryer on my finger ,i guess,,lol