Friday, September 15, 2006

Men Only

Wow! Can you believe it's Friday again, already??? Where does the time go? Today I'll be working on some more Christmas Card samples, I need to make at least 2 more before I send them off for aproval to the person I'm making them for, she gets to choose 4 out the 6 and then I can get started on filling her order.
Today's entry is a card for the men. It can be used as a Thank You, Birthday, Note Card or Father's Day. I left a small area in the right corner to stamp the sentiment. All supplies are from Stampin' Up except the background map, I printed that off the computer. The stamps are from the Set Sail set.
Well, it's the weekend, so have a Blessed one. Until next week, thanks for looking.

1 comment:

AuntMary said...

oh i like the ship card too,, I have a friend that lives in Maine,, who is the head over the largest Lighthouse Museum in the U.S. and is a shipping enthusiast and a card like that would be perfect for him,, he sends us all kinds of true stories about his life,some are hilarious.he is 84 yrs old now..he was in WW11. navy.If u can send me one like that, i will gladly pay u for it,,thx,,wow ,,u are good,,,I am so proud of u...