Friday, February 22, 2008

Double Pocket Bag

I just love this Double Pocket Bag. It was made using one sheet of Designer Paper. You could put just about anything you can think of in the pockets depending on the occasion. I'm thinking packets of cocoa, soup mixes or even gift items like a favorite CD. This was so easy to make I know I will be making more of them soon. This project was inspired by Jenn Diercks from a tutorial. Thanks for stopping by this week. Have a Blessed weekend....Rita

Fact #14
This is one that even I have a hard time believing, but it's true. I used to weigh 97 lbs. That's right, I was actually that thin at one time. Hard to believe isn't it? Wow! I'll never see that again.....


Corie said...

Rita this is just so beautiful

Anonymous said...

I once weighed 97 lbs. I think I was three years old.

Uncle Bob