Sunday, April 22, 2007

I've Been Tagged-Again!

I know I don't usually post on the weekends, but it seems that I've been tagged again by Jen over at Pieces of Me. This one is a little different. I have to list seven things about myself and then tag seven other bloggers to do the same. This is a way to get to know each other better. So here goes.
1. My husband and I met in October and got married in January.
2. My drink of choice is water, especially the flavored kind.
3. When we go out to eat instead of paying the high price for iced tea I order water and pour in my own Peach Tea that I carry in my purse.
4. Stamping isn't my only hobby. I also like to scrapbook, sew and read.
5. I'm allergic to everything I breathe. Aaaaaaa choo!
6. I have nearly 200 Stampin' Up! stamp sets
7. I'm in my nineteenth year of child care in my home.
Okay, now that wasn't easy. I've decided to tag some new bloggers I've just found recently. I think their blogs are worth checking out so please go visit them.


Be sure to come back tomorrow for some Blog Candy.......


Jen said...

thanks for playing along!!! Getting to know you put a smile on my face....


Jean said...

Hi there! Thanks for tagging me. I have my responses right here:

Mary said...

Thanks for the kind words in your post on my blog. It is nice to know that someone else out there understands. Your blog is great and I'm with you as to the coffee in the AM.
I'll tag those I know.