Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fresh From the Garden

What could be better than fresh vegetables from your own garden? That's what we had for dinner tonight, green beans and zucchini, yum. I fixed some chicken breasts, cooked the green beans and made what I call zucchini casserole. I peeled, seeded and shredded it, added egg and cooked it in a frying pan until browned. Then top with shredded cheese, let it melt and serve, double yum....
Today I'm sharing the Christmas Card I made for the August Christmas Card Challenge at SCS. This one was done with Holiday Minis and I kept it fairly simple. The black around the edges is not part of the card........Thanks for stopping and have a great evening......Rita OLD-TIMERS
Old-timers will remember when a family that couldn't afford to own a car didn't.


Corie said...

Very pretty -- love it

Anonymous said...

It is very pretty,, why were u sick?are u ok now? We got our first tomatoes from our plants today,, (only 2) but, they sure tasted good,,never tried the zucchini,, sounds like they taste like fried green tomatoes,,well , take care of yourself,,love ya, Aunt M.

Animal Help said...

venha nos visitar!!!

Aunt T said...

Your zucchini casserole sounds yummy. How I wish we had a garden - there is nothing better than fresh veggies.

Great card.