Friday, January 30, 2009

Me, me, me.....

My friend Adrian at has challenged me to make a list of 25 little known things about me. I'm supposed to tag 25 more friends to do the same on their blogs but I don't want to offend anyone so if you're reading this consider yourself tagged. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be so I gave it my best shot. If you don't get bored and read all the way through there will be a card at the bottom I thought I would share with you today. OK, here goes.....
1. I am a born again Christian and proud of it.
2. I've been married 41 years to the same man.
3. I love to craft, mostly rubber stamping and scrapbooking.
4. I suffer from chronic pain.
5. I love to read. Sometimes I have 3 books going at the same time.
6. I listen to only Christian music.
7.I'm afraid of tornadoes.
8. I hate my body. It needs a major over haul.
9. I don't like to do housework.
10. I've never had poison ivy, I tried to get it one time but it didn't take.
11. I played the violin in grade school.
12. My favorite subject in High School was Math.
13. I hitch hiked once. I was with my dad, brother and sister coming home from Indiana and the car broke down.
14. The farthest country I've ever been to is Canada, and that was just across the border.
15. I'm very competitive....Winning is everything!
16. I'm very emotional. I even cry during commercials on TV.
17. I'm not hard to get along with.
18. I'm not a morning person. Don't talk to me for at least a half hour to give me time to wake up.
19. I'm also not a night owl. I'm usually asleep by 10:30 every night.
20. I'm allergic to everything in the air.
21. I sneeze 20+ times during a sneeze attack. I've been known to get started at the grocery in the detergent aisle.
22. I have my own checking account.
23. I was born in the year of the Rooster.
24. The candles on my next birthday cake will be able to boil 7.31 ounces of water.
25. On my next birthday I will be 3,339 weeks old.

OK, I promised a card and here it is. I did this on my snow day using Treasure Life from Close to my Heart.

Thanks for getting this far and reading my list of little known facts about me. Have a super weekend, stay safe and warm.


Bob said...

I was emailed the "List 25 random things about yourself" too, and to be honest, I don't think I could come up with 25 things....maybe I'm too boring!

Corie said...

Love the card -- so handsome. The 25 tidbits are always so fun to read and sooooooooo difficult to do. :)