Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nothing Going on Here

I wasn't feeling well yesterday so I didn't get any stamping done. It was really weird. I got out of bed and I felt like my balance was completely off. I almost fell down trying to walk across the room and then again in the bathroom. By the time I got to the living room I was so hot I actually started to sweat, and I almost never sweat. Then the nausea set in. I'm in pain just about every minute of the day so I certainly don't need this to go with it. Anyway, I got up this morning and was feeling 100 % better, my balance is back and no more nausea. I just wish it was that easy to get rid of the pain, getting old IS NOT FUN! So, since I didn't get anything stamped yesterday I thought I would just share this super simple Valentine Card I made using my Slice. This is just about as simple as it gets. The smudge must have come from the scanner, pretend you don't see it. I'll have something stamped to share tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by...........Rita

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Bob said...

GO TO THE DOCTOR! There are numerous reasons for something like that to happen and you need to get it checked out. Women have totally different reactcions and symptoms that men have to all sorts of maladies. I recently saw a show where a woman complained of jaw pain a few days after having her teeth cleaned, went to the ER and died. The teeth cleaning had nothing to do with her death, the jaw pain was a symptom of heart disease!!!!! Women don't usually have the chest pain,shooting pains down the arm and sweating like men do. Stomach ache, jaw pain, back pain and shoulder ache are signs that it could be a heart attack for women. Now, that may NOT be what was going on with you, but dizziness should be investigated or at least reported to your doctor in case something more serious happens later, they'll have some hint as to what to look for. It could be something as simple as inner ear infection to something FAR more serious. GO TO THE DOCTOR RITA!!!!! or I'm going to tell Mom!!!!! I will!!! ;-)