Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Distressed Flower

This is the other card I made at the Sunday Funshop. I really like this one. The supplies used were all from TAC and were as follows: T2573 Distressed Designs, T2287 Ribbon Words, T378 Crackled Background, T2283 Fanciful Flowers, TT1205Wishing You, Black and Aspen Card Stock. The ink used was Noir Charcoal and Gognac. This was a little time consuming but I think it was worth it. Thanks for looking and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Bob said...

HA ha ha hahahaha......Hey Cuz!!!!... under "Sites I Like to Visit" on your blog....the first one is a HOOT!!! yesss..i know..i see it says but THAT'S NOT what it says at first glance!! I finally got a new posting today (a new painting done Monday) and I did three more (8 x 10s) today, but the sun was too low for photos. Hopefully I'll get them posted tomorrow. your cousin Bobbie