Wednesday, May 30, 2007

OK, So I Lied!

This is card # 4 from the Card Club. I know last night that I said I didn't have a favorite this month, but what can I say, I really like this one. Adrian if you're looking I know I did it backwards. I cut my card stock the wrong way and since I don't have any Cool Caribbean I had to change the layout a little, so if you don't say anything I won't say anything and no one will know the difference. You'll have to click on the picture to see the white dots I made with my Signo Pen.....Thanks for stopping by..


Adrian said...

Hi Rita,

You didn't do it "wrong". I'm just left handed and I did it the left handed way - tee hee. I think it looks just darling either way!



Anonymous said...

That is absolutely darling,,I love it,,You come up with the most charming ideas,,and I am so proud to say you are my niece.It is amazing to know that each one of my family have a special talent. GOD has been so good to us. Keep up the good work..Love, Aunt Mary

Rochelle W said...

Super cute!! I love how you did the dots with the gel pen. What a nice touch. Great color combo too.