Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Little Buggy

I bought this ribbon a long time ago and couldn't wait to use it. It laid in my ribbon box all this time until today when I decided to get it out and play with it. My bugs from TAC wanted to come out and play too so This is what I ended up with. I love pink and black together and these matched the ribbon perfectly. I put glitter on the wings to give it some sparkle and chalked a little pink on her eyes. Card Stock and Ink are Stampin' Up!
Hubby is doing well and things are back to normal once again.
Thanks for stopping in..........Rita


Dawn Mercedes said...

I have ribbon like that too! Thanks for motivating me to use it!

AuntMary said...

That is so pretty,,,and I love it,,It is so nice to have a another family member that is so talented. God has said that each of us has a talent,I haven't found mine yet, but, so many in our family have found theirs and what a blessing to get to share in their talent. All different, and yet, all great. Keep up the good work.(Glad Richard is better)

Laura said...

Hi Rita! I love pink and black together too. This card turned out soooooo cute. I love the image and the ribbon is just too adorable. Great job!