Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Baby Sampler

I have nothing new in stamping to share with you today. I do however have something I made for my new little nephew that I would like for you all to see. This is a Counted Cross Stitch Alphabet Sampler I did and I just finished framing it the other day. So what do you think? Will he like it? Click on picture to enlarge...... Starting today I'm going to share a little "Old-Timers" humor with you. I hope you get a little laugh out of some of it..........An old-timer is someone who can remember when going to the eternal rest didn't mean landing a job with the government........Thanks for stopping in!


Anonymous said...

WOW,,he will love it,,,,how long did it take you to make this??it is beautiful,,,I know how long it would have taken me,,, FOREVER,,, I have NO patience,,lol ,,Aunt M.

Corie said...

How beautiful -- so many little stiches.