Monday, July 23, 2007

More Happy Mail

Today was a good mail day! No bills! Just a Jo Ann's ad and some Happy Mail!!!! I found not one but two packages in the box, just waiting there for me to take in the house and open. The first one is a Pay It Forward from Lorien Clark. Just look at all the goodies she stuffed in that envelope. Look at that yummy ribbon and count them, four new stamps! She even added a Stampin' Spot to stamp them with....Thanks Lorien! This next one came from Sandra Schoenborn. There's a book on eyelets, some cutouts, stickers,tiles, scrapbook papers and a beautiful embroidered sticker with flowers that says Spring. Won't that look fantastic on one of my pages. She also included a beautiful card that she made. Thanks Sandra! You ladies are awesome, you made my day. Thanks to both of you......Thanks for looking!


Corie said...

congrats on all the goodies. You certainly deserve it all, you are such a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Rita,, Isn't it great to have friends on the inter-net?,,I know I sure enjoy mine..and I don't even get the goodies you do,,lol..have fun with your gifts..Aunt M.